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Frequently Asked Questions

We love hearing from our customers, but before you email Gummy Words, please check these Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question can be answered here. If you can't find an answer, feel free to email us with any questions, concerns or comments!

Q. Can you create any names?


A. Yes, the great thing about personalized Gummy Words is that we can spell any name (or word)! We can produce names from three to ten letters. It could be a first name, or a first and middle name, first and last name, whatever you want! However, the letters must be from the English alphabet. Numbers and any accents or punctuation marks will incur an extra $2 charge per mark/number.


Q. Can you do more than one name on a single print?


A. Yes, two (2) names can be "stacked" on one print. Keep in mind the two names combined cannot contain more than ten letters.


Q. Can I choose the color of the frame?


A. No, all frames are black wood and come with polystyrene "glass". They have a hanging hook.

Unframed prints are availble if you wish to frame it yourself.


Q. Can I choose the color of the letters?


A. No.


Q. Is the small size print an actual card?


A. The small size is not folded - it is a single print that has been sized to fit a common A2 envelope. It is printed on the same fine art paper as the larger size. NOW AVAILABLE in 4" x 6" size as well to fit a standard frame. Please specify when ordering. Same price.


Q. I'm interested in ordering a large quantity of the same name to use as a note card, invitation or as a thank you note.


A. Great idea! Email us for a quote on bulk quantities!

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